A2 Hosting Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2020

Are you looking to get great deals on hosting services for your website or blog? You have come to the right place as you are going to learn about the best deal of year that comes with a fantastic hosting service.

Not all can get the features they want from a hosting provider at an affordable price. However, you are lucky to get this hosting service at a relatively low cost.

Have you ever heard of A2 hosting?


If not, you can get to learn about their service and features below. This hosting provider is offering huge discounts on all their plans during Black Friday Sale.

A2 Hosting Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Like every year, Black Friday Sale is going to offer undeniable discounts on the A2 hosting services. The deals are live on all the A2 Hosting shared, VPS, Dedicated, and WordPress hosting plans.

The A2 hosting Black Friday Sale is going live on 23 November 2020. You can get up to 75% off on all their shared plans, 50% off on its VPS services, during this sale.

Isn't it great! Whether you are new to blogging or want to move your existing plan, then this is the right time to do it.

During this sale, you can also transfer your domain anytime without any charge and with much more convenience.

About A2 Hosting:

A2 Hosting is famous for its remarkable loading speeds at a low price. It also comes with a free CDN, which will eventually help your website offer the users the best user experience anytime.

A2 Hosting was found in the year 2003, and it has helped many businesses and bloggers to find the most potent platform to publish their content online.

If you are someone who is looking to get fast speeds at a low price, then we can say that A2 Hosting is the best option without a second thought.

Unlike other hosting services, A2 Hosting has its own data center in the USA, Singapore, and Europe.

All the data centers of A2 Hosting provide redundant networks that have consistent power supply and are higher secure. These data centers are monitored closely and ensure that your website receives the best of resources at the best speed.

Feature of A2 Hosting:

One will only get to know if the hosting provider is the best or not by looking at their features. A2 Hosting is not going to let your hopes down when it comes to features. Let's get to know about the best and stunning features of A2 Hosting:

  • Undeniable loading speeds
  • Uses Turbo servers
  • Reliable
  • Optimization for WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla
  • Free SSD Hosting
  • High-Quality service
  • 24/7 Support available
  • Anytime Money-Back Guarantee

Plans & Pricing:

A2 Hosting provides four different hosting plans, and users can choose the plan depending on their requirements.

The below are the plans which are available currently on the A2 hosting website. You can get a discount on each plan if you subscribe to them during Black Friday Sale.

Shared Hosting Plan:

Shared Hosting plans from A2 hosting come in three different categories: Lite, Swift, and Turbo. Lite plan is the basic plan that is available at a meager price and provides hosting on a single website.

Swift and Turbo plans offer hosting services on unlimited sites, however, the cost is somewhat higher compared to the Lite plan.

With any plan, you can get unlimited storage, cPanel support, SSL and SSD, unlimited transfer, and any time money-back guarantee.

Dedicated Hosting:

Dedicated Hosting plan offered by A2 Hosting is divided into three categories, which are Unmanaged, Managed, and Managed with Root Access.

The services provided by dedicated Hosting are available in three different plans: Sprint, Exceed, and Mach.

According to your website or blog requirement, you can choose the plan. For suppose, if you are already a blogger who receives high traffic, then you can go with Mach plan of dedicated Hosting.

Though Dedicated hosting plans are higher than shared plans, you will receive the more senior resources to offer and the best experience for your website to provide your visitors.

VPS Hosting:

VPS hosting comes in three different plans, which are Unmanaged, Managed, and Core VPS with Root Access.

These three plans are further divided into multiple categories so that they will help the users to purchase a plan as per their requirements and budget needs.

All the plans available on VPS hosting can be used on Linux and Windows.

Reseller Hosting:

If you are planning to host 3rd party websites, then you can go with A2 hosting as it also offers Reseller hosting services at an affordable price. The services are available in four different categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

All the plans offer amazing features like WHM Control Panel, SSL and SSD, eNom Reseller, and any time money-back guarantee. Depending on the plan you have chosen, the storage, transfer, and number of accounts may vary.

The benefit of choosing A2 Hosting:

Turbo Servers​​​​

One thing any provider can compete with A2 Hosting is its loading speed. A2 Hosting comes with the Turbo server, which helps the website to load 20 times faster than most sites.

This is because A2 controls all the user's connectivity and checks the number of users per each server. The servers are wired to handle the connections more efficiently.

A2 Hosting uses a 300% percent faster SSD and Swift server platform. This ensures that your site will load faster than any other competing hosting services.


Though web hosting doesn't need an expert with the latest features, they still need some technical support when they are hosting it for the first time.

You can get exceptional support with A2 Hosting, who are available 24/7 to help you with every technical difficulty you face.

The support team is amiable and knowledgeable and tries to solve the issue within a few minutes.

Wrapping Up:

If you are planning to get a hosting provider that offers high-quality services, then do not look back and go with A2 Hosting. Get amazing discounts by purchasing their plans during Black Friday Sale!!

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