InMotion Hosting Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2020

Do you know that InMotion Black Friday Deal is coming soon? It is about the time of the year where you can get amazing discounts.

Like every year, InMotion Hosting Black Friday Deal will be offering huge discounts on their hosting products.

You can get up to 85% discount on all the plans and services provided by the InMotion Hosting.

If you are planning to purchase hosting from InMotion, then it is time for you to get great discounts on it.


As this is the biggest sale of the year, we suggest you make sure not to miss out on this deal and gain access as soon as possible.

Why should you opt for InMostion Hosting?

InMotion Hosting provides the most trusted and popular hosting provider in the market because of its services.

It is known that InMotion hosting offers the first-class web hosting services for their clients. They provide its clients with 100% satisfaction certification.

If you are not satisfied with the services, you can get full cashback within 90 days.

InMotion web hosting services are well-known for its speed web server and excellent customer support.

It is one of the biggest hosting companies that was set up in the year 2001.

How to get InMotion Hosting Black Friday Deal?

To avail the InMotion Hosting Black Friday Deal, you need to follow the below steps.

  • First, you should click on the button Get InMotion Black Friday Deal.
  • On the next page, you need to select the hosting plan that best suits your requirements.
  • Select the Duration plan. Tip: Longer period you choose, the more you can save.
  • Click on Get a new Domain, or you can enter your existing domain name.
  • Enter the payment details to avail of the discount and click on the button Submit.

Features of InMotion Hosting:

  • Max Speed Zone
  • 90-Day Guarantee
  • The code in More Languages
  • SSD Drives(Free)
  • SSH Access
  • Secure IMAP Email
  • 1-Click Installer(Free)
  • Data Backups(Free)
  • Domain(Free)

InMotion Hosting Plans:

InMotion provides a wide range of products and services. However, each of these products comes with various plans.

If you are a beginner, you might get confused about what InMotion Hosting you should get. To help you with this, we have briefly explained about each plan.

1. Shared Hosting:

Shared Hosting is the basic plan which is available at an affordable price. The name itself means that you share the server and server resources with other website owners.

This plan is ideal for new bloggers and small businesses who don't expect high traffic to their website.

InMotion Hosting provides three different shared hosting plans. Let's have a look at the plans:

i) Launch Plan:

The Launch plan of shared hosting allows you to host up to 2 websites. Unlike other hosting companies that will enable you to host only a single website with a basic plan, this is the best plan you can afford.

The plan includes unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, free SSL Certificate, DDoS protection, and Automatic Backups. 

ii) Power Plan:

The power plan of shared hosting allows you to host up to 6 websites. If you are a blogger or small business owner, then it is ideal for you.

Along with the number of websites, you can also get 2x more server resources when compared to the launch plan. This means that your website will be able to handle a lot more traffic.

iii) Pro Plan:

The Pro Plan of shared hosting allows you to host unlimited websites. This plan gives you access to 4x server resources when compared to the launch plan.

2. Managed W​​​​ordPress Hosting:

Managed WordPress Hosting of InMotion Hosting will manage all the activities of WordPress that include WordPress Updates, Optimizations, and more.

When you purchase a plan under Managed WordPress Hosting, the server will come pre-installed with WordPress.

Unlike other hosting plans, InMotion Hosting does not restrict you not to use any specific plugins.

Just like shared hosting, you can use the plugin of your choice. You are also not restricted from hosting any applications.

InMotion Hosting provides six different Managed WordPress Hosting plans.

They are WP-1000S, WP-2000S, WP-3000S, WP-4000S, WP-5000S, and WP-6000S.

Each plan comes with a different number of hosting websites, disk space, and the number of MySQL databases.

3. InMotion VPS Plan:

​VPS Hosting of InMotion Hosting allows you to share the server between multiple accounts.

Though the websites are hosted on the same server, the VPS hosting will not share the server resources.

It uses a virtual environment where you will get dedicated resources for your website.

VPS plan is ideal for high traffic websites and e-commerce websites as security is a critical factor.

InMotion Hosting allows you to choose either Self-Manage VPS or Fully-Managed VPS.

4. Dedicated Server Hosting:

​With Dedicated Server Hosting, you can keep your website secure as you will not be sharing the resources or the server with anyone else.

Website owners or bloggers who drive high traffic can make use of these dedicated servers. Compared to VPS, dedicated servers are more secure, and it can be used by the websites which store sensitive information.

InMotion Hosting allows you to choose the server from a wide range of dedicated hosting servers.

Each server you select will come with different RAM size, bandwidth, storage, and many other resources. 

Wrapping Up:

With InMotion Hosting, you can get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, universal inboxes, unlimited domains, and unlimited databases.

We are sure that with all these features, you might fall in love with this Hosting server.

If you are not satisfied, then you can get the money back within 90 days.

You also have the option to get the web hosting account for freebies like Google AdWords Credit and Apps Integration.

The only limitation of InMotion hosting is the price variation for different packages.

If you are looking to get an affordable web hosting with the best server and resources, then you need to consider the InMotion Black Friday Discount deal.

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