NameCheap Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals & COupons

Are you planning to purchase the best domain hosting services at a decent price? Great timing! Black Friday Sale is offering huge discounts on domains and hosting plans, which might help you to get the most popular hosting service at an affordable price.

Since it is a limited sale, you should hurry and get the best domain for your website. However, when it comes to choosing a domain and hosting service, you can find several options.

To help you further, we have mentioned the most trusted hosting service, NameCheap, that is offering exclusive deals during Black Friday Sale. Let's get to know about the offer details. 


NameCheap Black Friday & Cyber Moday Deals 2020:

NameCheap comes with the most significant saving of the year, where you can get up to 98% discount during this Black Friday Sale.

This year, Black Friday Sale starts on November 23, 2020, with huge saving deals. Each service has a different discount and pricing. Here is the list of the services that come with huge discounts during Black Friday Sale:

  • Domains Up to 98% off
  • Hosting Up to 97% off
  • Security Up to 90% off
  • Private Email Up to 95% off

Depending on your requirements, you can choose the service you are looking to get for your website. The Black Friday Sale is only for 24 hours, which is very limited. Do not miss this opportunity, or you will have to pay more if you purchase later. 

Feature of NameCheap Domain:

When you purchase a domain from the NameCheap, you can get access to the following features such as:

  • Comodo PositiveSSL Certificate at just $1.99 with every new product you purchase except for domain renewals
  • WhoisGuard subscription is available at $2.88 for a year, and it is free with every new domain transfer or registration.
  • Quickly Domain Transfer
  • Low-cost Domain Registration

Features of NameCheap Hosting:

Purchasing a hosting service from NameCheap will allow you to get stunning features like:

  • Quick WordPress Setup
  • Access cPanel for free
  • 100% Uptime SLA
  • Easy and simple backups
  • Reliable DNS Service
  • Best security standards to protect your hardware and software
  • 5 GB SSD Storage
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support

Plans and Pricing:

Usually, the price of NameCheap domains starts from $10. However, you can get a 98% discount on all the NameCheap domains during Black Friday Sale.

When you are purchasing the domain, the refund will be applied during checkout, and you can avail it instantly.

NameCheap hosting services are available at four different pricing options. Let's get to know about them.


Value hosting basic plan from NameCheap is available at $10 per year. It comes with three limited domains, 20 GB of disk space, 50 email accounts, and 50 databases. 


Professional hosting is an intermediate plan that costs you around $20 per the first year. It allows you to access ten domains, 50 GB in disk space, 100 email accounts, and 100 databases. 


Ultimate hosting plan is the best ideal for full-time bloggers that offer the hosting on up to 50 domains. This will cost you around $30 per the first year. 

Business Pro:

Business Pro hosting plan from NameCheap is perfect for small businesses. It is available at $20 per the first year, and it comes with 20 GB of disk storage space and 5000 GB in bandwidth.

If you are purchasing a new hosting plan during Black Friday Sale, then you need to know that the promotional price is only applicable for the first year on annual payments.

The Benefit of Choosing NameCheap:

When you are purchasing a hosting plan or a domain, it is essential to know the benefits of choosing that hosting or domain.

Here are some main features of NameCheap that will help you to understand the benefits of NameCheap:

Inexpensive Hosting Plans:

Many hosting providers offer plans that are expensive and come with limited features. However, NameCheap is the one that provides the hosting as cheap as a domain name price.

To get a domain name from any registrar will cost you around $10 per year. NameCheap is offering the basic hosting plan for a year at $10 with stunning features. Isn't it great?

You will get features like installing the hosting on up to 3 domains, 20 GB of disk storage space, 50 email accounts, and 50 databases with the basic plan that only costs you $10 a year. 

SSD Storage and Free Domain Privacy:

Most people think that NameCheap offers only reasonable facilitating plans. However, that's not true! It gives the SSD stockpiling features, which makes your website load faster when compared with the other competitor websites that are facilitated on customary HDD.

NameCheap offers you WhoisGuard protection and domain privacy for free to save your personal information from being spammed and used for various purposes like unsolicited marketing emails, identity theft, hacking, spam protection, and many more.

Not only this, but you can also get other additional features such as a 100% uptime guarantee. If in an unlikely situation, your website is down due to hosting issues and fail to meet 100% uptime SLA, then NameCheap claims that they will issue account credits that you can use to clear your hosting bills.

This feature is not only available on many expensive hosting services, and they do not provide you with any credits if they fail to deliver the services they have mentioned. We have thoroughly investigated and recommend you purchase NameCheap during Black Friday Sale.

Final Words:

Since the NameCheap Black Friday Sale offer is limited, you have to make a purchase as soon as the sale is live.

If you miss this fantastic chance, then you will have to wait for another year to get great deals. So make sure not to miss out on this chance and purchase the NameCheap hosting and domain on November 23, 2020.

To save a massive amount while purchasing hosting and domain, you need to make use of this Black Friday Sale.

It is the right time for any small business owner or blogger who is looking to purchase the best domain at an affordable price.

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