Semrush Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals ( 45% OFF)

If you are looking for the best competitor research tool? Well here is a deal for you, SEMRUSH Black Friday Deal. SEMRUSH is the best competitor analysis tool. If you are planning to start a niche site, advertising campaign or expanding your blogs, SEMRUSH is the best investment you can make.

Luckily on this black Friday SEMRUSH is on a deal price. SEMRUSH allows you to analyse your competitor effectively. It reveals your competitor strategy and allows you to decode it.

SEMRUSH keyword database and backlink fetcher are one of the top tools in the industry used by most of the top players. And it is the main reason why most people prefer SEMRUSH over other tools. 


What are SEMRUSH black Friday deals

For this black Friday, SEMRUSH offers two deals. One for the new user and other of the current users. 

DEAL 1: New user gets 2 months of free access to the SEMRUSH premium feature. 
What more you can ask for? Use this opportunity and try out SEMRUSH free for 2 months.

By the end of the second month, you will be charged a monthly or yearly fee depending on the subscription. 

How to activate SEMRUSH Black Friday Deal 1

To activate SEMRUSH black Friday deals use the below link to sign up. 
Enter your details to create an account.

Once your account is created, you can access all the premium features of SEMRUSH for free.
Once the time is over, you will be charged for the next month. 

If you are a new user, it's the best deal for you. You can try the SEMRUSH for 2 months. And if you are satisfied with the service you can buy it for the next month and so. 

DEAL 2: 2 months of free usage on advance payment of 10 months.
If you are already using SEMRUSH, this deal is a jackpot for you.

Once you started using SEMRUSH, probably you won't switch to other tools. So you can get the two months of free usage. 

How to activate SEMRUSH Black Friday Deal 2

Click the below link to navigate to the SEMRUSH Black Friday Deal page.
And buy a 1-year plan of SEMRUSH PRO.
During the checkout, you will be charged for only 10 months.

What are you waiting for? Grab the SEMRUSH black Friday deals to save big! And here are few more cutting edge why you need to buy SEMRUSH.

SEMRUSH - The Best Competitor Analysis Tool

If you are a new user, you might be probably wondering what makes SEMRUSH best. Well here is the list of features available in SEMRUSH. 

  • The perfect tool for determining organic traffic. 
  • Fetches near to perfect historical organic data
  • Detailed Backlink analysis
  • Brief Domain comparison
  • Competitor analysis
  • Updated traffic graph 
  • Position tracking with SERP results
  •  Updated algorithm to suits latest Google updates
  • Advertising tool with comparable data
  • Has it's one ranking metric with detailed analysis

Well, these are the few features of SEMRUSH. Probably most of the SEO and SEM tools have pretty much same features. But SEMRUSH has three cool features which give a cutting edge for SEMRUSH 

1. Keyword research

When it comes to SEO or ranking your site at the top position, keyword research is mandatory. Moreover, you need to find the right keyword to rank it easily.

SEMRUSH does this for you. It will allow you to find the perfect keyword with correct difficulty. If you are a beginner, you can start with low difficulty keywords and work up the high difficulty keywords. 

2. Competitor Tracking

It's mandatory to keep an eye on your competitors to stay within the pack. And it is nearly impossible to monitor all your competitors' rankings and backlink profiles manually.

SEMRUSH can track the performance of all your competitor and keep you updated. It also helps to decode the ranking strategy of your competitor. 

3. Site Audit

A Site Audit refers to checking the performance of the site in comparison with the previous performance of the same site. The results are analysed to check and modify the SEO strategy for the site.

It the number of sites is less, you can do it manually. If you are holding a large number of sites, you need a tool to manage it. No other tool can do it effectively than SEMRUSH. 

In simple terms, it's one tool to make your digital marketing life easier. Grab this deal now! 

Final words

These are the few reasons why you need to grab this SEMRUSH black Friday deal. Choosing a competitor research tool is more than comparing features.

So make sure to try the tool before you buy a full subscription. And make sure the tool suits your need. And for better results, you can also try other tools with the SEMRUSH. 

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