StudioPress Genesis Themes Black Friday Deals 2019(60% off)

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StudioPress, the company that’s known for the best themes. Genesis is one of the famous and most used WordPress themes preferred by most of the Pro-bloggers.

More than millions of people use Genesis theme for their blogs and websites. If you are planning to get Genesis for your site, then this is the right time for it.  

Because we are here with the fantastic Genesis Black Friday deals, don’t miss this chance; else you need to wait another year or need to spend more.


Why StudioPress Genesis theme?

There are many reasons which make it one of the most efficient and most preferred frameworks for WordPress.

The high-quality stream of Genesis Child themes, vibrant community, third party plugins, and products have made it successful.

Genesis allows you to change the appearance and functionality of your theme without altering the underlying code.

 In short, a featured, multipurpose theme, with fast loading, well-supported options, with plenty of attractive child themes and friendly support system, then it will be none other than Genesis.

Benefits of Genesis Black Friday Discount:

We will list you some of the best features and benefits of using Genesis package here,

#1 SEO Friendly Themes

SEO is a large platform where you need to keep on upto date. Optimizing the site design is one of the critical factors, and without it, you can’t rank your site in any search engine. Genesis brings you lot of SEO friendly themes which will help to boost your site ranking. Unlike many other themes, you can find a lot of SEO enhancing features, as it comes with Schema code and compatibility.

#2 Site Customization Feature

Making over your site’s appearance is as important as providing quality content. StudioPress Genesis themes are user-friendly, which makes it easier to customize a website. And it has a lot of plugin inbuilt that allows you to all a lot more functionalities in your site and makes it work without any hassle. Most of them are free and help in customizing your site away more beyond your imagination.

#3 Site Security

The chance of getting hacked is high when you install a terrible coded theme. Hence, the Security of your site should be your priority. Here you can rely on the StudioPress Genesis theme as they have the best coding standards. With these themes, your website will be secured.

#4 System Updates

Genesis themes will bring you quick updated regularly. You can find some marketplace where you can buy a theme pack once, but they won’t offer you any updated further. But StudioPress will get you updates whenever they roll out a new one. In every update, you will get a lot of new and enhanced features.

#5  Technical Support

Support system and the team is a mandatory thing for any product, and Genesis is not an exception for it. You will get the support at any stage of your customization and design. And your query will be resolved quickly. They also provide an online tutorial to help you with customization.

#6  Fast Loading Time

If you get a theme that offers fast loading speed, then it’s an excellent benefit for the website holder. It’s an undeniable fact that, if the site takes much time to load, then the visitors will leave the site and this will create a wrong impression on your website. This is where Genesis Theme helps you. It provides you with high loading speed will all its child themes. With this high speed, your ranking and position will be improved, because loading time is one of the essential ranking factors considered by the search engines.

 How to get Genesis Black Friday Deal?

StudioPress is one of the few theme marketplaces where you don’t get the offer and discount often. Even on events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s really rare to get some good deals on it.

But this time, the Genesis Black Friday deals give you an amazing offer to get upto 50% off on purchase of Genesis framework. It’s going to be a huge sale than before. 

  • Click here to get the Genesis Black Friday deal page. 
  • Now, Click on the desired membership package plan.
  • Complete the order and payment.
  • Done! Now you got your deal. 

Summing up:

Finally, you have successfully finished buying the exclusive Genesis Black Friday offer. Black Friday are the times where you get a chance to save your money with some quality product. If you still didn’t get your deal yet, Go and Grab it soon. Don’t miss this change that comes only once in a year.

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