VPS Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals and Coupons ( Upto %70 off)

You can never get a hosting cheaper than a Black Friday Deal. Some hosting even offers a jaw-dropping 85% offer on all hosting plans.

Well, here are the best VPS Black Friday Deals of 2020. Never miss this black Friday deal, you will regret it!

When it comes to hosting, VPS hosting is the order of the day. Since shared hosting is not so reliable, the trend is shifted to VPS hosting.

If you are looking for the fastest server, you need to consider SSD hosting. Other than that, VPS hosting is a good place to start.


The cyber week offers tons of exclusive deals on hosting plans. Most of the new user find it difficult to choose the best plan.

So to ease a bit, we had composed a list of best VPS Black Friday Deals 2020. Take a look at it. 

Top 8 Best VPS Black Friday Deals of 2020 

 #1 Inmotion VPS Black Friday Deals

Inmotion hosting is a California based company established in 2001. When it comes to hosting, most of the top brands are owned by EIG.

If you are looking for the Non-EIG Brand, this might be the best for you. But when compared to the other servers, the price is a bit lower.

If you are concerned about the cost of the hosting, this might be the best choice for you. 

When it comes to VPS hosting, Bluehost tops the list. Most of the bloggers and brands are preferring to Bluehost. In addition to that, WordPress officially recommends Bluehost.

A lot of people are using Bluehost without any issue. Bluehost gives 66% off on shared hosting plans.

The valid price is around $2.65/month for 3-year plan. Get 30% discount on WordPress pro hosting.

And 57% on Woo Commerce hosting plans. These are few Bluehost VPS Black Friday Deals. What are you waiting for? Grab the Bluehost VPS Black Friday Deal now!

#3 A2hosting VPS Black Friday Deals

A2 Hosting is known for its fast SSD Servers which drastically reduce the load time of your site. A2 Hosting provides three basic plans.

Depending on your need, you can choose any of the three plans. If you are planning to host less than three sites, the Lite plan fits perfect. If you are planning to host multiple sites, turbo plan is the best option.

As a bonus A2 Hosting provides a free domain for one year. And if you are using any other hosting, you can switch to a2 Hosting without any migration cost.

On this A2hosting VPS Black Friday Deals, get 67% offer on shared Hosting and 50% offer on VPS hosting. It also provides a 40% discount on dedicated servers and reseller hosting. 

#4 Hostgator VPS Black Friday Deals

If you are looking for a check and good VPS Hosting, Hostgator can be preferable. Its a reasonable VPS hosting with optimum speed.

In case if you are managing multiple sites or testing some new niche, you can go to this plan. Hostgator don't provide unique IP, so make sure to check out the official site for the plan details.

Grab 30% offer on Hostgator VPS Black Friday Deals. If you are looking for shared Hosting, Hostgator can be a better choice.

Hostgator supports VPS hosting with Cpanel and Plesk. If you are using VPS hosting for the first time, go for VPS hosting with Cpanel. Plesk is for advanced users. 

Interserver VPS hosting is one of the most diverse hostings of all. It supports multiple scrips. If it comes handy when you are working on e-commerce or other functional sites.

And cloud VPS supports to deploy 100s of apps at a time. If you are running a site with multiple program or scrips, you need to consider Interserver VPS Black Friday Deals.

On the previous deal, Interserver offered VPS hosting for $2.5/month - Lifetime plan. We are looking forward to getting a similar plan this year.

Interserver VPS Hosting supports 16 OS with webzo and 12 scrips. If you are looking for a fully customizable VPS hosting, then grab a 30% offer on Interserver VPS Black Friday Deals. 

#6 Cloudways VPS Black Friday Deals

Cloudways is not a VPS hosting service. Probably its the odd one in the list. Cloudways is a VPS management service.

It allows you to manage VPS hosting from the top providers like Digital Ocean, Amazon Web services, Google Cloud, Linode, Vultr, and few more.

Unlike other servers, you don't need to manage multiple accounts for maintaining the server. You can access all the server with single Cloudways account.

Moreover, Cloudways is like a reseller. It acquires space from any of the providers and helps you to set up your site. You need to pay a certain amount, including the hosting and service charge.

Most people turn to Cloudways for their fantastic support and availability of a variety of servers. It helps the user to maintain multiple sites from a different location under one account. And guess what, you can get all these features at the price of a normal hosting plan.

The basic plan starts at $7/month (Digital ocean server with 512MB RAM). It goes all the way up to Amazon Web Services with 160GB. What are you waiting for? Grab Cloudways VPS Black Friday Deals now.

Whatever may be your purpose, Cloudways has a plan for you. Once you started using Cloudways, you will never switch to any other service.

And Cyber week is the best time to purchase all these plans at the discounted price. Get $10 instant credit on all Cloudways Plans. But you will be charged extra if the usage limit ceases. 

#7 Fastcomet VPS Black Friday Deals

As the name suggests, they are fast in providing service and gaining popularity. Fastcomet entered the hosting industry in 2017.

Now they have 11500 users across 70 countries. They provide full-fledged hosting service to the users, including shared Hosting, WordPress hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and cloud VPS hosting.

Their VPS cloud Hosting starts from $59.95/month for 2GB RAM and goes all the way up to 12GB.

When compared to the other service, the price is pretty high. But Fastcomet VPS Black Friday Deals got it covered.

Get 30% offer on all the VPS plans on this Cyber week. Don't miss this deal! Grab the Fastcomet VPS Black Friday Deals now!

#8 Turnkey Internet VPS Black Friday Deals

What is so special about Turnkey Internet VPS Black Friday Deals? You can get a massive discount of 75% on VPS hosting.

Not enough? They are a few of the companies who have their data servers. So maximum uptime is guaranteed.

The plan starts at $3.99/month. What more you need? Fasted Hosting at the most affordable price. Grab Turnkey Internet VPS Black Friday Deals now!

Wrap up - Best VPS Black Friday Deals

Choosing the best VPS hosting depends on the need of the user. We had provided only the most reliable providers.

There are a lot of such plans at a much lower price, but those providers are not trustworthy. So we eliminated them.

These are the list of Best VPS Black Friday Deals from the best provider.

For more details about the plan, refer to the official site. And if you still need any clarification, make comment below. We would be glad to solve the issue for you!

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