Yoast Seo Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals (60% Off)

Cyber week is the best time to buy most of the products at the lowest price ever! When it comes to digital products like domains, hostings, plugin and tools you will get a massive discount.

Here is a detailed review about Yoast Seo Black Friday deals. If you are a blogger, you might already have a list of stuff to buy on this Black Friday deals.


Why Yoast SEO Black Friday deal?

Yoast SEO is one of the most trusted SEO plugins with 40 millions of users. Probably you might be using it already. Here the deal is for Yoast Seo Premium Plugin. Yoast offers 3 plans to its users.

  • Yoast SEO 1Year Plan
  • Yoast SEO Lifetime Plan

Both plans have the same features. The time limitation is the only difference. With this YoasBlack Friday offer to get 90% off on Yoast SEO Lifetime Plan. Its a one time deal grab the offer now. 

Why you should choose Yoast SEO?

This might be going on in your mind for a while, why you need to choose Yoast over other SEO Plugins. There are few features which make Yoast - the most downloaded SEO plugin for WordPress. 

1.Redirect Manager

You don't need a separate redirect plugin to redirect a visitor to the required page, Yoast SEO can do the job for you. Say no to 404 error. Since it one of the most important SEO factor, Yoast has it all covered. 

2. Page Preview

Your site meta description is yet another ranking factor, Yoast shows a preview of how the site will be published. It will also highlight the focused keywords. You won't need this feature in WordPress, but if you are sharing your post to Facebook and Twitter, these features may come handy. 

3.Readability Check

This feature shows how good your content is. Is the content has the right keyword density? Did the minimum required number of words? You check all such factor and indicates fairness. If the indicator shows green, you are good. If it shows red, you need to change. 

4. Breadcrumbs control

Having breadcrumbs on your URLs helps the user to navigate to the previous location easily. Few themes don't support this feature. It will keep the bounce-back rate at a minimum. 

5. Interlink Suggestion

Here comes one of the major on-page SEO factor. The interlinks. If your pages and posts are interlinked to the relevant content within your site may increase the views per visitor, gaining lots of views from the same user. Yoast also considers outbound links to other pages. 

6. Updated with the latest algorithm

We all know that Google updates its algorithm regularly. So do the SEO strategy for the site, YOAST PREMIUM do that for you. Its is updated for every 2 weeks to stay on par with the latest algorithm. 

7. No duplicate content

No more plagiarism! Yoast can sniff all the plagiarized content out of your blog or site. Grab a Yoast SEO Black Friday deal and save your site from penalty. 

8. Keyword Optimization

This is the main feature why most people prefer to Yoast SEO. It has a unique method of keyword optimization. Like another SEO plugin just take a given word as the focus keyword.

But Yoast analyses it and notify for the presence for slug in the keyword. It will also give an overview of keyword density in comparison with the recommended keyword density.

Yoast will sum the result of analysis based on these factors and let you know the SEO score of your site in terms of "good" or "bad". It also shows the corrections and suggestions to make it much better. You can refine your contents based on the given suggestions.

Final words

These are the main reasons why you need to buy the lifetime plan of Yoast SEO. This is the overview of the Yoast SEO Black Friday Deal. Don't miss it! Grab the deal Now!!

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